Facing the Monumental

Featuring texts by Wanda Nanibush, Glenn Alteen, Marcia Crosby, Florene Belmore, Jeannette Armstrong, Rebecca Belmore, Candice Hopkins, and Kathleen Ritter. Foreword by Stephan Jost.

Facing the monumental issues of our time. In a 2012 performance piece, Rebecca Belmore transformed an oak tree surrounded by monuments to colonialism in Toronto’s Queens Park into a temporary “non-monument” to the Earth. For more than 30 years, she has given voice in her art to social and political issues, making her one of the most important contemporary artists working today. Employing a language that is both poetic and provocative, Belmore’s art has tackled subjects such as water and land rights, women’s lives and dignity, and state violence against Indigenous people. Writes Wanda Nanibush, “by capturing the universal truths of empathy, hope and transformation, her work positions the viewer as a witness and encourages us all to face what is monumental.”

Facing the Monumental presents 28 of her works, including Fountain, her entry to the 2005 Venice Biennale, and At Pelican Falls, her moving tribute to residential school survivors, as well as numerous new and in-progress works. The book also includes an essay by Wanda Nanibush, Curator of Indigenous Art at the AGO, that examines the intersection of art and politics.

Published by the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, 2018