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Title: Temple
Date: 1996
Medium: Installation - water, plastic, fountain, telescope, wood
Location: Liaisons, The Power Plant
Toronto, Ontario

"Three separate but interconnected elements are assembled like stage props in the J.S. McLean Gallery: a broad ascending support for a large number of translucent bags, like those used for milk, filled with water from Lake Ontario, from the Don River, and from the tap; a functioning water fountain resembling ones still occasionally found in public parks; and a staircase, at the top of which is a telescope that permits us to see beyond the space to Lake Ontario. Uniting the three elements is water: packaged for preservation, adapted for public consumption, and in natural but mediated form. Equally unifying are three associations with these elements: a memorial, everyday life, and so-called wild nature." (9)
Louise Dompierre

(Gaysek. Fred. Temple. Power Plant exhibition catalogue from exhibition Liasons, Toronto 1996)