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Title: New Wilderness
Date: 1995
Medium: Installation - souvenir mugs, soil, steel, glass, photographs
Location: SITE Santa Fe
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Belmore's other memorial is to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, presented at "SITE Santa Fe." On the way to the southwestern city, Belmore drove through thirteen different states, collecting soil samples from each. She also collected teacups decorated with state flowers, animals and kitsch, both Native and cowboy. The diary of a journey, New Wilderness (1995) connotes a territory signified by both the commercial exchange of souvenirs and the careful collection of dirt at each stopping place, to mark the victims of the bombing."
Marilyn Burgess

(Burgess, Marilyn. "The Imagined Geographies of Rebecca Belmore." Parachute 93, January/February/March 1999: 12-20)